Our Manufacturing and Engineering Capabilities


Z&Z Provides Wide-Ranging Industrial Manufacturing Processes And Unlimited Capabilities

We specialize in various metal casting manufacturing processes, including sand casting, permanent mold gravity casting, die casting, investment casting, lost foam casting and shell mold casting, all of which are done in highly specialized cast foundries and supervised by our team of industry experts. With many years of experience in metal casting, we are committed to providing our customers with top-quality metal casting solutions.

As a well-established, ISO 9001 certified engineering and manufacturing company, we join hands with over 200 Z&Z subcontractors to provide a wide range of metal and plastic manufacturing solutions and other related services, offering endless possibilities to our customers.

Our Manufacturing and Engineering Capabilities


Precision Metal Manufacturing and Engineering for Every Industry

Z&Z Experts help solves any metals problems while setting the industry standard in diverse metal casting process capabilities depending on your company or project needs, from product designing to packaging and delivering for our customers.


Medical Heavy Industry

Heavy Industry



Oil & Gas


One-Stop Custom Manufacturing Solutions

In Z&Z Castings, we offer a wide range of industrial manufacturing and engineering services across different industries. Additionally to our investment casting, sand casting, and precision machining capabilities, we offer a broad range of value-added services, from industrial product design and prototyping to full-scale production, to guide and assist customers throughout the manufacturing lifecycles of their products.

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Tooling for Shell Mould Casting

Tooling for metal casting processes varies. From sand castings with individual moulds and cores to shell moulds with a variety of pattern plates, core boxes, cavities, ejection systems, and gates. When all of these components come together, the shell mould casting process allows the foundry to precisely produce the required dimensions, whether it’s doing a run of 100 or 100,000 parts. There are a variety of metal forming techniques that can be used to create the mould tooling for shell mould casting, and the best process is determined by the conditions of the foundry.