How can steel casting foundries improve the quality of precision castings?


1.Process planning: Steel casting manufacturers must strictly control the process. Before closing the box, ensure that the shape and sand core are in a warm state, and also ensure the fluidity of molten steel when pouring. For places with rough and damaged surfaces, manufacturers You can choose to use alcohol-based zircon powder coating for brushing and firing after baking, which can make the surface of the mold lubricious. 

2.Mold planning: The surface treatment of precision castings should start with the mold, and the surface of the mold should be cleaned. For castings with high precision requirements, steel casting manufacturers can also choose metal or plastic molds to further increase the surface finish of the mold.

3.Polishing plan: In the grinding process, the manufacturer needs to remove the flash and burr. For the uneven surface, grinding can be carried out, and the lubrication is excessive. 

4. Wall thickness planning: Because the metal mold dissipates heat faster, the minimum wall thickness of the precision casting casting is larger than that of the sand casting casting.

To sum up, these are the methods that steel casting manufacturers have summarized for you to improve the quality of precision casting. These are also issues that manufacturers must pay attention to in the process of casting castings, and the details are considered in order to cast high-quality castings product.If you need any information about that please feel free to contact us .