Casting Technology of Ductile Iron Pipe Castings


The casting technology of ductile iron pipe castings adopts slide-in and mechanical flexible interface methods, and the construction is simple. And long-term safe operation. The compressive strength of ductile iron pipe castings is higher than that of steel pipes. The material plasticity of ductile iron pipe The extensibility of ductile iron pipe indicates the ability of the material to not break when it undergoes large plastic deformation, and the impact resistance indicates the ability of the material not to be damaged when it is subjected to a sudden load. The product quality of ductile iron pipe castings conforms to the national standard of "Centrifugal Cast Ductile Iron Pipe". Ductile iron pipes have properties close to steel.


my country first introduced the centrifugal ductile iron pipe production line in 1986. In 1991, the national standard GB13295-91 "Centrifugal Casting Ductile Iron Pipe" and GB13294-91 "Ductile Iron Pipe Fittings" were promulgated. After 1993, the cast pipe technology became more and more mature. For water supply and gas projects, the products have been exported, with an annual output of about 700,000 tons.

Ductile iron pipe castings are machinable and corrosion resistant.


Prestressed concrete pipes have been put into production in my country since 1968. The pipe-making technology of ductile iron pipe castings has also gradually improved with the development of industrial technology. Due to the limitation of the tightness of the interface, it is generally used for working pressure below 0.6Mpa, and its diameter is within the range of 1000-1400mm. ideal.


Ductile iron pipe castings are mainly used in water supply and gas pipeline projects, and are a promising pipe material. The N1 type interface seal adopts the principle of external force spring pressure sealing. The working surface of the socket is a single inclined plane, and the section of the interface gap is wedge-shaped, which is consistent with the section shape of the se.