Processing technology of brake drum


At present, the main material of brake drums on the market is gray cast iron, which has good anti-scratch and wear-resistant properties, and has low noise and simple processing technology. The general processing technology is casting-rough machining and half finishing-finishing-drilling-inspection.


(1) Casting: When the brake drum is cast, it is necessary to control the quality of the furnace material, the chemical composition of the molten iron, and the pouring temperature and the correct ingredients. If the control is not good, casting defects may occur, such as clamping Sand, porosity, white mouth, etc., the above casting defects will bring difficulties to subsequent processing.

(2) After the rough machining of the brake drum, Cast Hao enters the machining workshop. At present, CNC lathes are often used to process brake drums. The reason 1 is to reduce the reject rate of workpieces, and the reason 2 is to improve processing efficiency. A margin of about 0.5iiuii should be left for the rough machining brake drum, so that the semi-finishing and finishing machining can ensure the smoothness requirements in the future.

(3) Brake drum semi-finishing: In order to obtain a higher finish of the brake drum, semi-finishing is generally carried out after rough machining, leaving a margin of 0.1-0.2nun for the subsequent finishing process.

(4) Brake drum finishing: In order to obtain a higher surface finish, it is generally finished after semi-finishing, and processed to the size required by the drawing, and the smoothness of Rai.6.

(5) Brake drum drilling; drill holes of corresponding size in the parts required by the drawings.

(6) Inspection and warehousing of brake drums: check whether the surface finish of the brake drums and dimensional tolerances meet the requirements of the drawings, and if possible after assembly or assembly.