About us

Since established in Guangzhou,China in 2015,Z&Z casting focused on provide the best service to our customers around the world.We are proud of being the reliable partners and suppliers of customers.Our commitment to quality and customer service sets us apart from our competition.
Specializing in the manufacturing of green sand, lost foam,lost wax castings in iron ,aluminum,carbon steel and alloy steel and so on. It consists of 2 major facilities, both casting foundry and CNC machining factory which enable us to supply casting parts with annual capacity of over 20,000 tons, and the products are mainly exported to Europe, America, Japan and other destinations around the world.

Our company provides OEM customized casting service to meet the different demands of customers.We serve a range of industries of agricultural machinery,valves and pumps,garden castings,car parts,transportation parts,gas turbine,and other customized castings,a turnkey solutions from design to machining.

Company Mission

The mission of Zhongzhu Machinery Co.,Ltd. is to manufacture and deliver cast parts safely, at or exceeding our customers’ quality expectations, with industry leading customer service.

ISO 9001 quality assured  Made in USA

Operating Model

Our operating model defines how we make decisions to support our mission.

  1. Vision – Determining the path to create the greatest long-term value.
  2. Talent – Ensuring the right team members are hired, retained and developed that embrace our Guiding Principles.
  3. Processes – Developing and executing processes that are efficient and free of defect.
  4. Information – Gaining the relevant knowledge to support and enhance decision making.
  5. Authorities – Ensuring all team members have a clear understanding of their authorities to make decisions and create a culture of accountability.
  6. Incentives – Rewarding team members for their contribution.

Guiding Principles

Our guiding principles are embraced by every team member.

  1. Integrity – Conduct all affairs with honesty and courage.
  2. Compliance – Strive for 100% compliance with all laws and regulations.
  3. Value Creation – Achieve superior results by making better decisions, eliminating waste, optimizing, and innovating.
  4. Customer Focus – Be a solution provider to our customers’ needs.
  5. Knowledge – Proactively seek the best information and embrace an open challenge culture.
  6. Change – Constantly seek a better way of doing things.
  7. Humility – Openly accept feedback and be intellectually honest regardless of the situation.
  8. Respect – Treat others with dignity and sensitivity.
  9. Fulfillment – Find enjoyment and meaning in your work.

Quality Policy & Objectives

Zhongzhu Machinery Co.,Ltd. strives to continuously improve the quality of our products, processes, and customer service every day.

  • No lost time incidents
  • Customer returns of .2% or less
  • Internal scrap rate of 6.0% or less based upon weight
  • On-time delivery of 97.5% or better
  • Customer lead times of 6 weeks or better

Safety Policy and Objectives

The Health & Safety of all employees, contractors, neighbors, and guests is our #1 priority, as without this commitment Z & Z will fail to be successful long-term.

This will be accomplished by having written hazard protection programs and job safety assessments, performing regular inspections, holding timely injury and near-miss investigations, and completing frequent and comprehensive employee training. Through this commitment it is management’s goal to become SHARP certified.

Zhongzhu Machinery Co.,Ltd.

Zhongzhu Machinery Co.,Ltd.

Cast iron foundry

Cast iron foundry

Iron Castings For These Markets

  • Industrial Equipment
  • Infrastructure
  • Transportation Equipment
  • Valves & Pumps
  • Agricultural Machinery