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How to order products from Z&Z Machinery?
1, Request a quote
Fill into Quote Request in contact page to request a quote from us. You can also ask for a quote by contact us:
o via email
o or phone number(WhatsApp) +8617276490002
When sending us a request, please include this below information so that we can better answer your concerns:
o Product detail: name of product/ material/order quantity/ drawing, surface treatment requirement, etc.
o Contact information: please attach your contact details for better communication.
o Additional concerns.
After getting the Request, our technical team will review and send a quotation to your email.
2, Submit your order
When you have decided to cooperate with us, please submit your order via email or phone. We will try to give a response as soon as possible to save your time.
3, Confirm the order
Once we receive your order, we will send you a confirmation for your order. Please review and check carefully the information included and again confirm your approval to begin the deal.
The invoice will be sent to the customer and request to pay 100% tooling cost and 50 % order in advance.
4, Patternmaking &sample testing
After receiving the payment, we will start making the pattern and tooling. The sample casting will be carried to check the casting quality.
5, Mass production
Once the casting quality is confirmed, we will start mass production.
6, Packing & Delivery
The product will be packed and delivered to the customer as detailed request (destination port, packing method).
The customer has to pay the rest of the order amount within 7 days counted from the Bill of Lading date.

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